Interwire 2015

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May 132015

20150428_094508Met with many old friends and customers this year as well as meeting many new ones. Always good to see old and new friends!

Aug 302013

We are happy to help our customers both before and after a sale.

Dave Boord of Ohio Precision Inc requested a quote on a couple of straighteners we had suggested. He was happy with our service. “Many thanks to you and your staff for your prompt service.”

But, after receiving them, he had an operational question:

“Bob, We are discussing the options we have on getting the wire from your straightener to our machine.

1) our machine currently pulls the wire into a cut off station. Would you prefer that we drive the wire instead of pulling the wire?

2) The wire will stop moving while the cutting operation takes place. Will stopping the wire in the straightener affect the quality or should we devise a way of making sure the wire does not stop while in the straightener.”

Bob replied, “Dave, I recommend that with your material it would be better to pull through the straightener and stopping should not have an impact. Let me know if you have further questions.”

Dave received the straighteners and tried them out:

“We received both assemblies today. We quickly clamped them to a bench and pulled some wire through the straighter.  We are very pleased with the results thus far.

I wanted to thank you and your staff for doing a fantastic job.”

You’re welcome, Dave. Thanks for choosing Witels!

Quotes used with permission


Feb 042013

At the biannual Interwire trade show in Atlanta GA on April 23rd thru the 25th WITELS-ALBERT-USA will be presenting both new and field-proven solutions from its range of STRAIGHTENERS, ROLLS, GUIDES, FEEDERS AND PRE-FORMER products. The company will spotlight the engineering solutions for straightening applications and the feeding of process materials. Visitors to the booth can see the new products in action and see the superior quality and innovations they offer. The show also gives visitors the opportunity to learn more about the latest clever ideas from the world of wire, tube, rope and cable production and to familiarize themselves with the services and what the WITELS-ALBERT and the WITELS-ALBERT USA websites have to offer.



Jul 312012

The newly introduced NADH 160  is designed for round steel wire with a diameter of 15-40mm. It is a rugged and durable feeder designed for demanding applications. It has a feeding force of up to 10kN, and has hydraulic clamping cylinders as well as each roll is driven by hydraulic motors.


Jan 182012

Another year has passed and we hope that you had a successful year as we did, thanks to you our customer! Now we are gearing up for the biggest show for our industry in the world, Dusseldorf’s 2012 Wire Show. This show comes around every two years, and is the largest of it’s kind. Witels Albert will be presenting both new and field-proven solutions from its range of straightening, roll, guide, feed and pre-former products in our exhibition space. We will be in booth 9 E 37 for those of you that would like to stop by and hear all about the technologically advanced products and solutions Witels Albert has introduced for your straightening, guiding and feeding needs.

Appearing for the first time will be the products you see below:


This newly introduced feed unit will be on display for the first time at the 2012 show.

Thanks to feed back from our loyal and trusted customers, we’ve renovated the idea of our connecting brackets for double plane straighteners. Now one bracket can be arranged and re-arranged for any application or change to the customers specifications with ease. No more confusion with which connection is needed for your application! Now you can change it at any time!

This products new image will make the set up or change of a double plane arrangement easier than ever!

We hope to see you all there, March 26th – 30th, booth 9 E 37, in Dusseldorf!

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to view our latest innovations for the straightening industry!

Dec 022011

As 2011 comes nearer to a close, all of us at Witels Albert USA would like to wish all of our customers and associates a very happy and joyous holiday season. Through the support of our customers and vendors we have had a very successful year, and we would like too thank all of you for your loyalty and help.

We look forward to 2012 and continuing to support our customers with the best products and service in our industry! We hope to see many of you in either Dusseldorf for the 2012 Wire Show, our booth 9 E 37, and/or at the Wire Expo show in Dallas this coming May in our booth 503. Where we will be displaying our quality products and be available to discuss any questions you may have.





Aug 032011

A common question asked often in regards to alignment of wire straightening planes is “Why is it so important for two straightening planes to be aligned in a specific manner?” and “How do I determine which alignment is best for my application process?”

Well, first you must take into consideration that wire is round, and in most cases has stresses in many planes.The most obvious of these would be the curvature caused by the spool or carrier containing the wire. Often times you will find that there are more curvatures in the wire than just that from the spool or carrier. Think of the positions of a clock as seen in a cross section; as wire is moved from point to point these various stresses can cause the material to “dance” around its own axis. As a result we suggest to our customers that the coil or cast curvature be locked into a position and straightened first. This is accomplished by placing and aligning the first straightener in a double plane set, with the curvature of the spool or carrier.  Consequently, the second plane should then be aligned in a manner that is optimal for your specific application; for example, the straightener is not upside down or facing away from the operator and so on.

For more specific questions please contact us via email, fax, or phone. In many cases the best recommendation of possible alignments of your Witels Albert double plane straightener can be made better with  more in-depth knowledge of you specific application and material. We may request you send us a digital image of your set-up to make the best recommendation possible.

It is our mission here at Witels Albert USA to serve our customers to the best of our ability, and to help you to produce the best quality product in every area we can.

Thank you for choosing Witels Albert!

May 202011

Wire Straightening Friends,

Witels Albert USA recently exhibited many of our products at the Wire Association International’s Interwire Show in Atlanta, GA. The event took place May 3rd through May 5th. This biannual event returned to Atlanta, GA after being held in Cleveland, OH for the past two shows. What a wonderful city!

We exhibited some new items to our line of products this year including the ZR 50C SH (a guide with re-positionable rolls for extend roll life), and the AS 1-20 PO was also displayed for the first time. The AS 1-20 PO is a modular straightener that allows customers to build straightening systems that suite their applications precisely.

We also presented a straightening program at the “Productions Solutions, On the Show Floor Program” which is a semiannual program organized by the Wire Association. The show was well attended and all attendees were more upbeat about business and the economy than we had seen at the previous exhibition.

To all our Wire Straightening friends that were able to join us this year for the show, we thank you. It was nice to see you all! And for those of you who didn’t get to, we look forward to seeing you next time! Please feel free to send any questions you may have about our product line, or the straightening process to or call 410-228-8383.